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Welcome, and thanks for visiting the digital home of Lab Rat Martial Arts. Please note: this site is under construction.

We are a training and teaching group/collective of male and female martial artists in and around Los Angeles, primarily in Pasadena, California. Our attention is on “functional” arts, “self-defense”, but many of our members are/have been involved in combat sports.

In short, we are an appropriate training group (free!) for adult males and females, looking for new training partners to learn/practice/experiment with self-defense ideas, cross-train different disciplines, prep for competition. We also are available for instruction (not always free), for those that want to learn self-defense and/or tap instructors for private or seminar-style instruction in empty hand or weapon-based combat. Some of our seminar-style instruction is available for cheap or free for good causes. 🙂

Note that we do not train with or teach anyone/everyone who is interested. Not in an effort to be exclusive, but for safety, we have a vetting process for both training partners and students, and we reserve the right to refuse both instruction and/or training, with anyone. Email us for details/vetting.

Please take a look around, and feel welcome to contact us via the info on our “Contact” page.

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