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For vetting/inquiries, at least for now, please feel free to email Peter. Note that the email address here is FUBARd so that we don’t end up with SPAM. Email: corwin137ATgmailDOTcom

Links/Other Instructors/Organizations We Train With, Appreciate and/Or Support:

Some of these are folks we train with on the regular, on a seminar basis, and/or are simply people we lift material from/want to be able to point our members to. We are extremely grateful for all of the folk mentioned here, and encourage you to train with them.

Steve Grody has been a “primary” instructor for at least 5 of us. His instructorships are under Dan Inosanto, Edgar Sulite, and others.

Jerry Wetzel/Centerline Gym is a home away from home for several of us. Jerry is not only a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the amazing Chris Hauter, Jerry has created Red Zone Threat Management and Red Zone Knife Defense.

Villains BJJ


Sharp Defense

Immediate Action Combatives

Straight Blast Gym

Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts

Jon Boone/Matt Parks Jitsu Fit Pasadena

Eric Paulson/Combat Submission Wrestling

Dog Brothers Martial Arts

Astig/Lameco Combatives

Burton Richardson/JKD Unlimited

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